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Dancing at Union Station in Washington D.C. during Cherry Blossom Tour - 2007
Photo by Eileen Rudert

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September 2017 Bill Davick was elected again as squire of the Albemarle Morris Men.  Bill succeeded Rich Keffert who served as squire for several years. Previous squires and their approximate years served include Jim Morrison (1978-86), David Anderson (1986-88), Peter Kleeman (1988-93), Will Sessoms (1993-98), Bill Davick (1998-2004, 2010-2011), Steven Summerville (2004-2010),  and  Rich Keffert (2011-2017) 

What is Morris Dancing?

The Albemarle Morris Men's answer to this question (from a flyer we used to hand out in the 1980's) is just a click away. WhatIsMorrisDancing?



     Albemarle Morris Men at the London Ale - 2004:

     Front Row:
        Dee VanRiper, George Frick 

     Back Row:
Jim Morrison, Barry Hinton,
        Chip Hopper, Steven Summerville,
        Peter Kleeman, Bill Davick

     More London Ale - 2004 Photos


Swan Tavern Border Morris Men Performed on the third Saturday of December 2019
next performance will be the third Sunday in December 2022

Every December, except during the Corona Virus pandemick, the Albemarle Morris Men and a few other hearty men dance "traditional" Border Morris dances in celebration of the Winter Solstice. We dance the third Saturday in December every year (weather permitting) on the Charlottesville downtown mall from about noon until dark.  We perform sets of about five dances at various locations on the downtown mall among the holiday vendors and other festivities. A photo of the Swan Tavern Border Morris Men from c. 1985 just prior to that year's dancing is given below.  Listen for the sound of fiddle, Concertina, Melodeon, and Tambourine and look for dancers in blue jeans and tail coats (our current kits) - that will be us!

New dancers are welcome -- Contact Bill Davick (our Squire) or any of the Albemarle Morris Men for information on how you can get involved.

Early Swan Tavern Border Morris Men - c. 1985:
photo by Julia Kindred

     Front Row: Peter Kleeman, Barry Hinton, Chip Hopper, Guy Lapsley
     Back Row: Steven Ashby, Fred Hean, David Anderson, Bill Davis

Swan Tavern Border Morris Men - at Central Place December 16, 2006
photo by Terri Keffert

     Dancers pictured (listed in counter-clockwise order) are:

Fred Hean (on the left facing camera), Nick Kuhn, George Frick, Bill Davick,
Steven Summerville, Will Sessoms, Rich Keffert, and Jim Riosa


Where might they be seen?

Spring 2022 Tuesday Night Morris Practice Schedule:
NOTE: we meet for refreshment and conversation after practice at Rapture (303 East Main Street) starting about 8:45 pm.

Our activities are currently suspended due to the Corona Virus - Covid 19. We hope to return for the Fall 2022 season in September 2022

Dancing "Black Joke" at the Central Place on Earth Day 2006
Photo by Katherine Troyer


Tentative Spring 2022 Performance Schedule:

No performances scheduled due to Corona virus pandemic - perhaps Fallo2022:

Occasional Tuesday Nights: the Central Place in Downtown Charlottesville
Occasional Weekend Days: Charlottesville City Market or Central Place

Our activities are currently suspended due to the Corona Virus -Covid 19. We hope to return for the Fall 2021 season in September 2021

Dancing "Black Joke" on May Day 2005
Photo by Laura Sugg
More May Day 2005 Photos

How can I contact them?

The current contacts are as follows:

Squire: Bill Davick about schedules and bookings
Foreman: Jim Morrison about music and dance style
Bagman: Barry Hinton
about money

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